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Milton Animal Control

SPRING is almost here and that means wildlife will be more visible. It is the time when mothers are looking for places to give birth. Animals look for protected areas like under decks, sheds, porches etc. The parents also need to find more food for themselves and their babies. Please contact Animal Control at (617) 698-0455 for information on avoiding conflicts with wildlife and remember that trapping and relocating wildlife is ineffective and ILLEGAL in Massachusetts!


The Milton Animal League works in partnership with Officer Nancy Bersani, Milton's Animal Control Officer.


All dogs in the state of Massachusetts are required to be licensed in the town they live in EVERY year. Licenses are now due and available for 2016. You must have a valid rabies certificate for your dog to show when licensing. The cost is $10.00 for a spayed or neutered dog and $15.00 for an intact dog. There are several ways to get your dogs licensed.

  1. The town census has a place at the bottom to fill out for licensing. You can mail in a copy of the rabies certificate and payment with the census.

  2. The website has a link for online payments. Then go to the Town Clerk option and dog license.

  3. You can bring the rabies certificate and payment to the town Clerk's Office. Accepted forms of payment are cash, check, Mastercard and Discover.

  4. You may bring a rabies certificate and cash or check to the Animal shelter at 181 Gov. Stoughton Lane during open hours and a license will be mailed to you.







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