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Meet Cabot! Cabot is a one year old mixed breed who weighs about 25 lbs. We're not sure what breeds went into Cabot's mix, but he has the speed of a greyhound, the jumping ability of a kangaroo, and the energy of an espresso bean!. He loves walks, running, playing, running, and playtime. Think you can tire him out? We'd love to see you try!

Cabot's other hobby is barking. He barks when he's happy. He barks when he's sad. He barks when he's heard a noise or seen something interesting. This is not a dog for anyone who lives in an apartment or has close neighbors who are sensitive to noise.

Cabot is interested in other dogs, but gets frightened if they are too rambunctious and in his face. He may be able to live with another dog if they are a good match for him. (We always do trial meetings before adoption.)

Do you have a Cabot-sized hole in your life? Please email the Milton Animal League at and we will send you an application. Our adoption process and policies can be viewed at