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Current residents...

Want to meet one of our awesome dogs?  Please call (617) 698-0413 to set up an appointment so that we can be sure one of our trained dog walkers is available to assist you!  


Roxie web12.jpg

Roxie is a 7 month old spayed female mixed breed pup.  We don't know what breeds she is but she's definitely part Energizer Bunny!  Roxie loves to walk and run and give kisses and play  with toys and did we say run?  She may be a bit too much for kids under 10 and would most likely think chasing cats is so much fun! If you would like to meet Roxie, please email us at or call (617) 698-0413.


Binx web.jpg

Binx is an 8 year old Pomeranian. He lived with a single woman until he came to the shelter almost 5 months ago. When Binx came to us he was understandably fearful. As he adjusted we started seeing some undesirable behaviors. Binx was used to being carried around like a baby. He was never put on a leash, wasn’t housebroken and when Binx displayed his displeasure to his owner, he was ignored. Binx has come a long way since he came to the shelter!. He now has no problem having a leash put on him, and he loves getting pets and butt scratches. He will do "zoomies" and put his paws on you to ask for attention.  Binx cannot live with children. We are looking for that special person who will allow Binx to be a dog and respect his limitations. If you think you could be a good fit for Binx please call (617) 698-0413 or email us at


Finnegan wants to begin again in a new home! Finn is a true “mutt” and only weighs 19 pounds. He loves to run and take long walks. He also truly loves to be on your lap and be snuggled. Finnegan is about 1 to 2 years old and did have a small mast cell tumor removed. The margins were clear and the prognosis is good. Yearly check ups would be a must for Finnegan (as they are for all pets). If you would like to meet this handsome boy, please call (617) 698-0413 or email us at to request an application.

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