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Want to meet one of our awesome dogs?  Please email to set up an appointment so that we can be sure one of our trained dog walkers is available to assist you!  


cashew2 web.jpg

Cashew is a 2-year-old female mixed breed who has been at the shelter for 7 months now. She was found wandering in the Blue Hills, dirty and skinny. After a month of TLC at the shelter, she gained 12 pounds to reach a healthy weight of 54 lbs., been bathed, vaccinated and spayed. She is a wonderful dog but she is getting increasingly stressed from being at the shelter so long. She is waiting for her new home!  She thinks cats are fun to chase, so needs a kitty-free home! Due to her size and enthusiasm and tendency to knock things over, we will not place her with small children (they are too easily toppled!). Cashew had a rough start in life, but we’re sure her fortunes are set to improve with a new home and a loving family. If you think you could be that family, please send an email to

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