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Current residents...

Want to meet one of our awesome dogs?  Please call (617) 698-0413 to set up an appointment so that we can be sure one of our trained dog walkers is available to assist you!  

The Sato Sisters

Virginia, Holly, and Noelle are 7 month old female Puerto Rican Satos who weigh about 20 lbs. They are siblings but will be adopted separately. They are spayed and vaccinated and ready for their new homes. These three are adorable, super friendly, and absolute bundles of energy! With lots of love and training we know they will turn out to be the good-est girls! If you are interested in adopting, please call us at (617) 698-0413 or email us at and we will send you an application.


*Please be patient, we are currently understaffed

Noelle                                                      Virginia                                                            Holly

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